Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good News for Careers in Earth Sciences

The Washington Post recently published a report on a PayScale survey of employment outcomes for different college majors.  The report is focused on underemployment.  In the report geology is found to be, along with engineering, math, physics, and law, a field where people feel "least underemployed" (now that's a double-negative we can live with).  This news follows other positive reports on employment prospects in Earth sciences (e.g., the AGI's 2014 Geoscience Workforce Report).

Of course not everyone graduates to the job of their dreams from Earth Sciences, or any other major for that matter. Students can maximize their future employment prospects by not only achieving at a high level academically, but also by engaging in undergraduate research and summer internship opportunities.  USD Earth Science faculty provide terrific opportunities for undergraduate research, and our connection with the South Dakota Geological Survey has provided many Earth Science majors summer internships/jobs.

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