Monday, January 11, 2016

2015 Sioux Falls Annual Climate Summary

The Sioux Falls National Weather Service Office has released their Annual Climate Summary for 2015.  It was a pretty interesting year!  The summary provides a nice combination of how the year fits into historic climate data, seasonal comparisons, patterns during the year, and highlights exciting meteorological events that occurred during the year.  It was a warm (13th warmest) and wet (9th wettest) year, good for regional agriculture.  Perhaps the most exciting event was the derecho which brought ~100 mph straight-line winds to the Garretson area in the early morning of June 22nd.

Check out the summary report for yourself:

2015 Daily Temperature Data for Sioux Falls, SD.  Average highs and lows in brown,
extreme highs and lows in red and blue, respectively.

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